Feb 12, 2011

888 poker again =)

I really hope 888 has the "88 ways to Vegas" promo this year too, and esp a raked hands rake race ...so easy to beat (if you play the first race - when no cheating germans play) ..but I have no clue of who I'd go with this year ..but would love to see Vegas again. Probably the sickest place on earth.

888 actually is a good poker room, but I feel that I need a reason to deposit there again (like a rake race).
Maybe one of the best rooms to play poker online now that ongame is retarded with the rakeback (essence) and all that.
I think a lot of aussies play texas holdem there ..my plo project is resting atm :)
..so I'm not really sure when they have they peak hours? But I'm sure I'll crush it when it's race time. Love the hot keys too, why does not all poker rooms have this option? It's AWESOME!!!

Old ongame had my fav playing cards, now it's probably pacific poker .. :)

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