Feb 17, 2011


Standard rakeback deal at ongame is probably around 50-55, with good connections 65%.
HOWEVER, their new "system", essence, makes it almost impossible to get "what was promised", if you are a winning player.

Noone really knows how it's calculated, totally random, but keep in mind that if you are promised 50% rakeback, you will proably not receive more than 25% if you make ..say, 3bb/100...(at best)..

and the games there are not better than anywhere else so why the hell would you play there?

from twoplustwo forums:

"Essence is garbage. I think I calculated that I was getting about 12% ****back, no where near the 40%."
"same hear. pretty much a joke."

"In this month my rake at my aff is a little bit below 50% (!!!) than the rake what hem shows."

"before essence my rb was extremely close to what HEM said it should be."

"this f..ing essence is more and more tilting me. for the last period I get less than half of the rake that I should. I am not a big grinder, I only play approx. 25k hands/month at nl400, but even like this it means that the rakeback that I will be losing during a year will be something like 15-17k$, wtf ongame."

"I have left Ongame because of two reasons:
1) instead of 55% rb i got 30% eff
2) before essence I was 6bb/100 winner, after essence I was -5bb/100 loser. My game did not change and the sample on both pre and post was 50k+ hands.

Imo, essence is more than rake calculation, Is also something else that should force regs to leave.

I`ve left. Good job Ongame."

(100 posts/page ldo)

april 2011 about essence - link here
"the ongame guys suck ass for not communicating how it works. there were a few threads that tried to figure out the system but they didn't go very far. basically its just random. if you win you get less. if you win a lot you get a lot less."

to all the finnish players coming from pokerisivut.com: this is not MY thoughts (see the " "?, this means I'm quoting other players who have tracked their rake through pt3/hem), read the ongame/essence thread on 2+2 yourself here (search->essence). hundreds of players have received much less than promised. hf at ongame! :) xoxo!


  1. Anonymous8:46 AM

    it's softer than the other big sites

  2. nah it's not. u might as well play at ftp with good table selection, but at least they give you 27% or w/e it is.
    ongame is shooting themselves in the foot. again and again.

  3. Anonymous2:41 AM

    Fuck that network