Feb 4, 2011

Grind? and pics:)

Thinking about it:) Not sure where I should put my FTP manies, but we'll see. Just saw that the essence thing on ongame, regarding ur rakeback, only gives you about 25-30% if ur a winning player ....makes me wanna stay away from them even more (ya'll know that they've 'stolen' $$ from me before, right?).

Made me laugh:

Ft. Lauderdale - awesome

                                      ahi tuna in bed:) my fav food (since I don't eat red meat)
                                         on the boat..
free drinks are not always awesome


  1. Wrong! free drinks are ALWAYS awesome :)

  2. jag utmanar dig att dricka en hel :p

  3. flork7:51 AM

    Inga problem. Men jag ansvarar inte för konsekvenserna.