Feb 3, 2011

JETLAG!! home:)

Slept for like 24 hrs.
It's after midnight and it feels like morning :(

Had an awesome trip..Miami is great. :) was really looking forward to eating an authentic mexican taco in Mexico, but it was kinda nasty actaully..
Was really fun to go on a basketball game too, even though it was one of the worst games this season..oh well! Hopefully I get to go on another one.

E: no idea why u keep visiting my blog since ur still bitter about things in the past, I'm never on urs (why would I?). I just want it to be "neutral", not awkward. Life is too short to be bitter and u shouldn't be looking for other people to fix that, only u can do that. Ur insane for believing you're worth the two worthless scumbags who treats you like shit...ur worth so much more than that, hope you realize that soon.

And yeah, I can see everyone who visits my blog:) teehe.

Hope everyone had a great time, I'm really looking forward to grinding again, wooho!
Might have to set some goals...hmm..

Man or female? Seriously? I thought it was such a weird ad..this does not
make me wanna buy that jacket or w/e. NO.

Will post more soon! :)


  1. hej du... dök över din blogg igen som av en slump... roligt o se att du lever ditt liv... kram från Stamp-E malmö

  2. vad roligt :)
    tack & välkommen åter;)