Feb 22, 2011

Session cliffs

This shit s slow nowadays, +124bb, took forever. Dug a nice little hole in the beginning (seems like I do this every time?) ..lost my big hands to crap hands bla bla whine.

Should really try to set some goals..like x hands / week. uhh. Have to think about it.

About to book my trip to London btw, will be so much fun.
Love my babe so much!!

London 2006:)


  1. When/why are you coming to London?
    Staying there the whole time i presume?
    Don't fancy a trip across to Wales? :)

  2. motherofgod.jpg

  3. lars: wyglmtt?

    Ivy: 3/3! :) Not sure how far it is to Wales and I'm too tired to watch google maps right now (just finished a 6h grind, ugh).
    Wales seems awesome though (+they speak funny over there, teehe)..I'd have a hard time understanding you guys;)

    Gonna visit one of my best friends who lives in London, it'll be awesome!

  4. Had to look it up in urban dictionary.. Any time honey!

  5. Awesome. Sounds like you'll have a good time. Ive only been to Lodon a couple times myself!
    I live in Cardiff which is the Welsh Capital. About 2 hours by car or train. You should come visit - Its quite different to London!
    You know about the Welsh accent then! lol In Cardiff we don't sound that Welsh. The accent gets stronger when you go further west or up the valleys so i'm sure you'd be fine! :)
    If you decide to head across i'm happy to tell/show you best places to visit & best places for night out/food etc.