Dec 23, 2010

14 days straight of grinding :)

This is only from one skin though (without rakeback), I play on more sites. Like FTP. :D I've played Rush for a few days now and it's going ..meh. Ok I guess. Trying to clear a bonus:) 

At first I was like "oh dear, what is this, I don't even..?" but now I love this kid. He's awesome. :)


  1. what is this, I don't even....

    You're a sicko <3

  2. Anonymous5:48 PM

    What site is this on? Ur 10 and 12 hr days look like mine.

  3. No u Lars:) *undresses*

    It's on boss:p
    Best rakeback there.
    Where do you play?

  4. Lol, This Kid Cracks me up. The Video where 50 Cent comes into his room and starts rapping with him is the funniest.

    Hey, Alexandra, Welcome to becoming the first member of TEAM7 on 7Deuced, I put it on the 7Deuced Fan page on facebook.

    P.s your blogs on there to. Big plans for it over the next few weeks. It's been to long, but that's what happens when your new to fatherhood!!

    speak Soon x