Dec 14, 2010

session cliffs

Graph from yesterday. I was kinda mad when I drew on the graph:) Can you tell?
Todays grind was meh, I tried _so_ hard to win manies, AA (12) win% 58% and lost 24bb :P
KK (13) win% 60, 3,3k hands..dunno how to win manies without big pairs and sets *sad*..lost my ten (!) first sets. Yeah, whine blog. Blah.
Ended with  ~~+250bb.
So I'm fking happy with that. The graph looks pretty retarded so, I'll show u tomorrow:)

Cleared a $10 stellar on stars :D yay. Haha. I play micro stakes PLO there and I sucked a lot today. Kinda tilted there because I got sooo surprise buttsecksed in nlhe. Hope I made someone happy with my play;)


  1. Finally i got drawings again! Nice pig btw.

    Why are you starting to play plo?

  2. Micke8:01 AM

    haha snyggaste grafen hitills

  3. :P
    no manies in hold em, everyone is solid. ;)
    pretty much.

    tack! :)