Dec 19, 2010

Lost my mojo :( ..I need help. Oh, Pokertracker 3 sucks (yes, again).

Dunno what's going on. I know I'm a good player, but I just can't win right now. Lose all my big draws/pps to random shit. The flops are just horrible to my cards..I get 2 outed in every aip and if I flop a set the board will come out with either a 4 flush or a 4 straight ...:(

Decided to play a third session last night, only because..well, the rigg can't be mad forever, right? Wrong. Took me three hands to get aip with QQ only to lose to JJ ...he even got 4 of a kind. Just to rub it in. Yeah, point taken. But it could be worse. I'm not losing money. Just not winning either..

Decided to deposit on FTP again, I love rush. But I can't beat rush. :P Got a bonus and I'm gonna clear that (hopefully). Won 8 buyins on rush yesterday, will probably lose 9 today. :)

The newest update fucked my PT3 so the graph doesn't work. Fuck you Pokertracker, once again. You suck, you are a piece of shit program. It's like you really TRY to piss your customers off. With every update. The mader I get.
 It might be time for "operation cat poop in mailbox".
We'll see.



  1. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Hey don't fell bad I can only make money with rakeback yay! 60 hr this week I made 8 dollars at the tables!!! Also get hem!

  2. 8 dollars,what are you going to do with this new found wealth? :D
    I know I should get hem but I'm just like..'if I've paid for it it should work GOD DAMNIT (cartman voice)'.
    close to giving up now though. :P

  3. ugh im so sick of PT3 as well. the stats just disappear whenever im in an important hand. rawrrrfdjfg

  4. Anonymous1:58 PM

    hmm mabey take you to dinner when u come to florida :)

  5. you can't afford it, trust me.

  6. Lars, are you implying that I'm expensive? :P

  7. hell yeah. You made me bankrupt for the three nights we had together

  8. But it was totally worth it ;)