Dec 13, 2010

session cliffs. agian. :P

Plan is to grind until I leave for the states/cruise. :)
Hopefully I'll do it.

I was really tilted today, only thing that makes me go berzerk is internet problems or software/hardare problems ...mouse is kinda broken ...wasn't me who  broke it!
The cord seems to be loose, loses connection every now and then for like 5-20 secs. Incredibly annoying, timed out with AA and QQ ..mwahhhh!!!
Lost about 50bbs, not sure.

Graph from yesterday


  1. Anonymous5:00 AM

    Bästa jultomten jag sett EVER! Grym musche!

    / Bert-Ola

  2. mustachen har jag dock inte gjort :(
    åhh nu e ja arg igen,måste maila dig!