Dec 12, 2010

Session cliffs

Uh yea, sng race didn't quite go as planned:) Cg went ok. Felt weird. Found my fav reg again and he donated little over a buyin to me..heh. He loves to snap call me. I wonder if he thinks I'm bluffing that often.. hint: I don't bluff him. Like ever. : D

Can't wait till Victor Chandler Poker moves to Entraction. Gonna be veeery interesting to see the tables..I think they have/had a lot of grinders, huge rb deals there (no, wait, of course..I forgot. NO RB ON IPOKER ..*cough*).
Ipoker is one of the most disgusting networks imo. So much fail.

Right now I'm stalking some tables..waiting for them to become juicy:) Still pretty early in Swe.

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  1. Hva pleier du å spille Alex? Cash eller SnG? Stakes?