Dec 16, 2010

Games are awful

I wanna grind but the tables are No, ginger, no.

graph from 14th



  1. You say theres no $ in hold'em yet every graph you post seems to be reasonably consistently showing a tidy little profit. You're gonna have to teach me to beat these games! haha

    keep up the good work. Try playing tournies for a living - they're swingy as!
    Sadly i'm too stupid to learn to play anything else it would seem :(

    Good work

  2. But I have to work sooo hard for every single pot..also, it's rigged. :D And it's like microstakes..used to play way higher:(

    Haha yeah, I've railed a pro mtt grinder once, didn't look too eh..exciting. But sure, one big cash and they can take the rest of the month off..*dreamy*

    And I don't think you are, you seem very smart:)

  3. The low-limit games can feel like pulling teeth and can cost you a lot of dosh if you get frustrated and do something silly.

    I'm liking the poker tracker graphs - this could definitely help me become aware of & plug some of the holes in my game.