Dec 24, 2010

Merry X-mas everyone!

Time to get fat(er).

Stayed up late to get in on the Rush happy hour :P ..turned out to be a good idea, since I won  3 buyins:) I play 8 tables of Rush now..which means I can't play on boss, but it can wait. I also hear that 888 is getting fishy again. Might be time to test the waters (rigg) again. I was like 80 buyins below EV when I did the rake race in April..not so motivating..

Oh yea, I dyed my hair a few days ago. I'm a brunette now. Uh..yea. Dunno if I like it. :)

Here's a thing I hate: you watch a nice movie. Then they start playing music. But the music is like a million times louder than everything rest. RAGE!!!!!!!!!


  1. well I don't dislike the new color ;) as for the movies, the action scenes are almost always more loud and that sucks ...

    hope you had a relaxing xmas and gl @ grinding Alex ;)

  2. Teehe! Thanks:)
    Gonna try to show some more pics!

    Yeah, fuck that, it's sooo annoying! Inception tilted the hell out of me. Speaking volume = super low. Music/explosions = mirrion times louder..aaghh.. :)

    And thanks, you too:)