Dec 29, 2010

I should really play today

Let's hope I won't be too hungover. Good thing is that we got home at 4 instead of 6. :)
It was a really weird night, hah.

Went to an Irish bar and then to a "fancy" place, met a really dirty Danish guy. I felt dirty after talking to him. :( But he also grabbed all body parts that one might find interesting. So, I've had a Danish finger in my butt (with my pants on). It feels nice. Ok, no, it doesn't. But he bought us jäger shots and he then asked if we were single "HEHE NO". So he left.


  1. well at least I can't say that your blogs aint entertaining Alex ;) does that mean you had a shot caller? :D

  2. All danish guy's are like this ldo. You are just boring ;)