Aug 6, 2010

Guess who's back? Back again..!

Home again :)
so..quiet..and peaceful..slept for 14 hours haha.
Might go out tomorrow...havn't decided yet. But the weather seems to be awesome again and it's no fun drinking beer when it's raining. Or well..not as fun anyway.
Not really in the mood for poker yet. But I need to play.

Have a few new ideas too..let's see what happens.

"Micke" (som har kommenterat här förut)
Kan du maila mig? alexwentpro[at]


  1. 14 hours sleep,wish i could get that, especially now me and the partners had our 1st child last week..ahh,sleep..i miss it!!

    anyway,get back to the tables and grind away.

    hope your well.


  2. Welcome back Alex! :-)

  3. thanks carl : ) I really needed that, I'm not used to kids..haha.

    ty ninja! time to grind my ass off :) I'm SO LAZY!!!