Aug 12, 2010

So slow..... -> session cliffs

It's like noone wants to give me their money anymore. It sucks.
And when I do get the money in good (like TT vs QJ on QT2 flop) I lose. I lost 4 sets in the same way (as described) yesterday. Frustrating.
Not sure what to do when the cards keep falling in the wrong direction.
This isn't new though. Hell, I've been playing since 2005 ......

man up.

Grind on.

short session, boring as hell. had to work hard to win those 50  bb or whatever it was. not motivated. vacation in 3 weeks..I need it.


  1. Anonymous2:40 PM

    well , focus on something alse , go out have fun , work out . It's really important to be relaxed while you play and dont let the bad run affect you . OK , this is the same bs you'll hear everywhere ,. Of course its gonna affect you but dont let it agravate you tho .

    You need to look at your "job" in a new way . If youre good than you'll make it , if not you can always become a stripper .

    Sick blog , friend told me about it . All the best, you seem very nice .

  2. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Also i will lend you my theme song that reminds me where i stand .

  3. Haha! Thank you anonymous :P ..I think?
    I like "looks like we made it" also. Awesome song.

    And I'm just really frustrated atm, all networks just piss on their players's like they don't even want you there? My computer is evil. Poker is not going "good/normal" it's just it's on hold or something. Small profits or breaking even. Why bother?
    Ah..I'll get there. Soon enough. :)

    Vacay in 19 days, wooho!

  4. Hey Alex,

    Don't look at your results on a short term. You're a winner on a long run. ;-)

    Don't forget...Keep it fun!

  5. Anonymous3:37 AM

    have you considered learning a new game ? i had a period when i was down a lot and felt like the game hated me 2 years ago . i started learning omaha , limit games , 2-7 lowball just for fun and now i cant remember the last nl hand i played . You seem bored . Find new goals . I dunno what stakes you play but if you can afford to lose a few at the bigining to learn , its worth it . Being able to play lots of games when you get bored / annoyed by one is a great plus overall .

    ps : if things turn for the worse you can always become a stripper : )))

  6. You're right again Ninja:)

    Yea, actually I have, anonymous...I actually even started reading a book about it (PLO, thank you Daniel). And now lately I've been reading about 5 card draw since it's such a retarded game imo (and probably the easiest to learn)..haha. But it's fun, yes. But I don't think I'll make "a lot" of money from it (since it's FL, FL is teh ghey). I play 100nl sh.

    And I don't think anyone wants to see me naked;) Awesome idea anyway..haha.

  7. Anonymous5:37 AM

    when in doubt ask for opinions . Not so subtle when im the only one here , eh ? lol .

    The other games are an OPTION for when youre being fed up with nl . You'll be surprized what limit games do for your nl , plo game . My englais is bad, sorry .

    ps : if the stripper carrier goes downhill , apply for jersey shore . But make up your mind already im running out of jobs :))

    good luck , A

  8. would help if you could tell me something about yourself :P do you have a blog?

    and ur english is not bad at all!
    I think I'll play some 5 card draw tomorrow, it makes me laugh since it's so weird..haha. nlhe doesn't make me laugh as much anymore (only when donks do completely retarded stuff:))

  9. Anonymous9:46 AM

    I dont have a blog , ive got nothing to say . Unless its called " the incredible adventures of a has been poker player ":) . This is funny , i dont even follow blogs and yet i replied on yours like 4-5 times . You're officialy my best online mate .

    Try merge , its full of idiots . Ive got a friend who bugs me to go play there . He's an idiot and still wins at 2-4 hu and ring . How hard can it be , lol .

    Good luck , this is getting weird chatting in here .

  10. Anonymous9:49 AM

    i also see you wanna know something about me . I lost my virginity to a swede . There you go . :)))

  11. Very nice indeed :)
    where are you from?

    isn't merge nitty?