Aug 11, 2010

Session cliffs

Today is not a good day. It's one of the shittiest. But at least it's not because of poker.

Don't wanna play anymore either so, this is it..+150bb. Started out so awesome with flopping a set only to get pwned by a higher river set. Hoo ray!

Got to try out a "new" network as well but I don't like it at all, the client is really hard to multi table on. It's almost impossible to just play one table. Hmmh. I wish I could play on enet..
I should move to Italy and go pro.

cashed in almost all tournaments(played 9-10, not sure) place was 9th I think and a whooping $ other words, nothing exciting.
I had a good stack (36k) in a 25k guar with blinds 400/800 and avg was 20k I think. Some retard open shoves with 27k and I snap call, of course, with the disgusting Aces. He wins with his small pocket pair. Well done. God job. Well played. Cu in hell.


  1. Eheeee...
    Italy is so beautiful...and the wine...mmmmm
    And also the easy money, I suppose. :-D
    Follow your dream Alex!


  2. Very cool blog Alex!

    I added you to my list of blogs.

    Best of luck!


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  4. thank you adam :) I'll add you too, your blog is very interesting:)