Aug 21, 2010

What have I become...

A shitty hit n runner ? This is not me. Teh Super Alex never quits. Teh Super Alex used to play 5k hands a day and that was a weak day. God.

But I just can't bring myself to do it, I'm scared, I'm disgusted, I'm bored...


I don't love you anymore ..

but it was once there and I think I can find it again. I'm sure.
I'll keep searching.


now: coffee. maybe find cat. haven't seen it in a while. hm.

oh..and I just noticed. 
my boobs look really weird on my header. win!


  1. Connectorz1:56 PM

    I honestly have something that you cannot help but find amusing, but your gonna have to come online to get it. Simple as that :D

  2. At least you are not losing money.
    I will probably quit playing poker after my last session.


  3. connectorz: I'm pretty sure I know what it is. if it involves a stripper and a webcam. :P haha. I actually threw up in my mouth a little.

    ninja: are you serious? quit for real?

  4. @Alex
    Yes. I didn't decide it yet...but I am sick of it. Probably I can't play this game. I can't stand it...This was the fourth time when I played at 10NL and now I am forced to go back to 5NL after I lost 10BIs in a row.

    Come on. This is sick...

  5. not sure what BRM you go after but it might be a little too low..
    think about my proposal and send me an email or a comment here and I'll (try to) help you out. would hate to see such an awesome person give up now. :(

  6. Seems like i'm not alone anymore with finding motivation to play!

    Really can't face 'grinding' anymore but need some $$$ from somewhere! Its been 2 months now since i last put any sort of reasonable volume in.

    Hence my lack of blog updates...

    Im sure ill find it again. Ive taken longish breaks in the past so im sure its just another phase :)

  7. Anonymous5:26 AM

    ninja dude , lol . Ihavent played 10nl in like 6 , 7 years but if downswings at that level affect you THAT much , you should probably quit . People who succeed in poker succeed due to their internal strengh . Everyone will run like shit , everyone will have sessions where they play like shit , but a strong person will get over it and figure out what's wrong .

    I started the year with a negative 50k :) and i stoped playing " proffesionaly " 2 years ago . I THOUGHT I REALLY SUCK AND THIS GAME EVOLVED but guess what ... after my 63245765 deposit i started winning again and sudenly it felt like poker was a printing money game again .

    Just don't let it get to you . But if you belive you can't win and don't do anything about it then you should quit and spare yourself the misery . This game is not meant for weak people .

  8. @Alex

    Thanks for your help and kind words. I've decided. I'm not quitting this. No f***ing way. I will continue the fight.

    These days I will contact you on your email and if you'll have some spare you time maybe you'll give me some advices regarding my leaks and my game.

    Thank you again! I owe you big!

    The games aren't so soft at 10 NL like 6,7 years ago. This I can assure you.
    Please be aware that I've deposited just 25$ and from that "huge" amount of $$$ I leveled up till 10NL so that's why I'm so affected when I lose 10BIs at 10NL...because I don't want to reload. I just want to grind my way up from 25$.

    I will continue my adventure.


  9. Matt: I's so weird... :( Hope you get back on track soon too! This blows..

    Anonymous: bitter much? ;P no but..everyone needs to whine about it sometimes, I do it all the time. Not that it helps, ok, a little.. ;) it still gets to me, almost every time. And I've been playing "pro" since 2006 or 2005..ergh..something like that. Too long at least.

    I'd be happy to help you out if I can :)
    just send some ninja powah over here, I need it!

  10. Alex, the ninja power is on it's way directly from Carpathian mountains all the way to Sweden. :-)

    Be strong!

  11. Anonymous2:23 AM

    Aha , deci esti roman , acum inteleg mai bine situatia . Bafta .