Aug 26, 2010

We leave at Dawn.

Five days left. :) I actually want to play poker now, weird, I know, but I won't. Hopefully I'm fully restored when I get back instead and misses it even more. Let's hope. Or maybe I won't miss it at all? Hmm. I think I should read the PLO book on the plane, if I'm awake..the plane leaves soooo early, it should be forbidden! We have to get up at like 4 am..and I go to bed at like..3-4 am. So tihs will suck. A lot. But Spain will be awesome.

Unfortunately there are some not so good things going on around me (not with me personally but yea, w/e) and it makes me sad. I hope it'll stop soon because I hate to see people I love hurt.

Oh, I got Starcraft 2 to work now, finally, my laptop is a little too sucky though but I DREAM OF KOREA!  hahahaha.



  1. Hey,

    Have fun and enjoy your time in Spain...and make pictures. :-)


  2. Connectorz9:37 PM

    bang out of order you just leaving. Which swedish girls do I talk to now?Exactly.

  3. Nilla has a computer. But I'm not sure if she has teh internetz. We'll see. :P