Aug 13, 2010

Friday the 13th - do you dare?

Yes. Do you?
I'll probably grind a lot tonight since it's Friday and hopefully lots of drunks to catch. And let's just hope the cards stop falling in the rigged direction:P

Here's a chicken with a rooster. Awesome job.

right now I'm up 98bb ...taking a break. lost a 380 bb pot with top set vs middle pair who got a nice little draw on the turn when teh monies went in ...ugh. sucker straight for president plz.
oh, just to be clear.. I'm not bitter or angry when I type things like these. :)
I'm just..weird like that.
now: coffee and more grind. rawr.


and I start out extremely well, 6th hand AA vs KK aip, he flops a K ...didn't see that one coming, noope.


  1. Don't you get tired of so much grind? Get boring while playing without motivation? It happens to me sometimes.

  2. yes, I hate becomes like any other job after a while imo, you hate it if you don't love it. I dont _LOVE_ poker. but I like it better than working at mc donalds or something.

    I'm hanging in there because I know the vacation will do me good :)
    I'm not even bringing my laptop! :D

  3. Yeah it becomes monotonous after some time. For me at the time it's not too repetitive because I'm still at the lower limits and reach higher limits becomes a challenge that ends up giving me interest and motivation. Btw Can you export your poker graphs at Pokertracker by Selecting Expand graph and then Export. It will save you a lot of time: P (I dont know if you Knew this cuz you use Screenshot)

  4. Didn't know that no :) thanks.
    Not sure if micros are super easy to beat anymore are you doing right now? People on 2+2 seems to have a hard time at nl25 for example. Even the micros are tougher now:P

  5. I was running bad this month, but now I'm recovering. Online Poker is evolving and the games are getting tougher, but still there are a lot of fish playing these limits. And what is that banner lol? Getting boring and trying to improve ur photoshop skills? :P GL to ur game*

  6. Online poker used to be easy because people were too passive. Now online poker is easy because people are too aggressive.

    25 nl and 50 nl plays more aggressive but the players pick exploitable spots so a counterpunching strategy becomes more effective than trying to combat aggression with aggression.

    This holds true at 200 nl and 400 nl but the players are a bit more competent and will realize what you're doing whereas the smaller stakes guys just increase their aggression thinking that's the trick.

    Path of least resistance, folks ... a concept lost on so many.

  7. I totally agree with you coolers, they are sick aggressive. not uncommon to see nl25 players with 3bet% of 10 and higher like wtf. I need to adapt more I guess..or start short stacking :P

    paulo: yes I was bored :) I'll figure something awesome out soon enough but poker is consuming a lot of energy right now so it's only half done.. :(