Aug 15, 2010

Session cliffs..well..kind of

It's from "after midnight" meaning today and I hit n run 40bb just now, like 35 hands (hehe!) :P
Played some on FTP too but it's so friggin' rigged there I can't believe why I even bother :( I'm 7 bi below expected today and 8 yesterday. At least I managed to go -+ today but w/e.
Revenge shall be mine!!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!

and I'm actually thinking of rake racing again. hm.


  1. Anonymous1:20 AM

    you guys are so focused on expected value i wonder how you dont go insane . It's poker , somedays you'll run like Ivey somedays you'll run like me :) . If you're any good you will win no matter the suckouts , etc . Only thing you should be focused on is how not to tilt your coins away .

  2. I rarely tilt. I know variance is a bitch, I've had my fair share of encounters with her..hadn't really seen her since April so she caught me off guard this time. My bad. It's on! :P