Aug 28, 2010

Grind tonight

Wish me GL :)
Mostly gonna play the vip freerolls at 888. One time baby, ONE TIME!
I'll see if I can find any retards at the cash games, but I doubt it. It's been cold for a while now. Keep your fingers crossed, this bitch ain't going nowhere. (: of my fav pics evarrrr (:

I just got an email from the travel agency with a weather report. Slightly modified:

In Swedish yes, but I know you guys aren't retarded.


  1. How was your session Alexandra? Any retard? :-D

    The forecast is wrong. You'll see that the weather in Spain is governed only by the almighty Sun :-)

    Take care!


  2. lol
    u should move to brasil
    is winter and i just came back from the beach
    send news !!

  3. uhh..really busy day, haven't had time to update my blog even:P hehe.
    I'll do it tomorrow, with a retarded graph and all (didn't win any!). but I hate to be one of those people who only posts graphs/results when they're running good. if it's raining in Spain I wouldn't mind it..I'll be there with my 2 best friends and that's all that matters. sun is just a bonus(:

    brasil is much better yes..and cheaper!:P hope the beach is nice in Spain:)