Aug 8, 2010

Pacific poker? Yes/no?

Soo..I played a few tournaments on Pacific Poker this past weekend (no success though:'( ) but I'm pretty tempted to play (grind) there again.
I really liked their new software, it's so much better than the previous one.
And I love that they have hotkeys (awesome if you multitable like I do)..I think there's only one more network with this feature (without using scripts)..if not, let me know! :)

I love the new card layout with the 4 color deck..I actually need glasses (but I'm like oh hell no..but mostly when I watch TV-anyway) so with these babies I can't misread my cards. Ever. :P I sometimes think I have QQ when I have Q8 or AA when I actually have A4 etc.

I accidentally played a $12k guar or something, I thought it was a freezeout (and I hate rebuy mtts) but of course it wasn't..almost made itm but I had a reatard on my table (which I love, when I win vs them :D) but I didn't this time..he moved all in almost every hand (and had been doing so for an hour -and made 20+ rebuys).

Anyway. I think 888 might have the best client right now. What do you guys think?
However, there are things I don't like. Like the waiting list is this not fixed yet?! So frustrating when you're first in line on a very juicy table..and you can't sit down!!!! :(

..and the "switch to -try again" bug too. Irritates me.

 Stole the pic from teh internetz.. :) (too lazy to make my own, even though this has been modified).
Now that I'm (yes, still) learning how to play multi table tournaments I still love the vip freerolls (I have VIP status,yay). I like their guarantee tournies as well..there aren't like 2k people in them (wooho) :) more like 2-400, should be easier to win one..especially since a lot of players suck more than me.. - Any day now! :P

Something for the beginners:
Poker Tournaments
Texas hold'em

Oh, by the way, Thanks 888 for letting me play event #54 in the WSOP this year, I had so much fun :)


  1. I'm considering playing on Pacific a bit more. I quite like the new software and still have zero motivation to go back to the 180 mans on Stars yet so may give the mtts and turbo 9 mans a go on Pacific.

    So its not just you considering playing more there which i guess means my answer is yes :)

    I just need to get my hud to work on there! :(

  2. Anonymous3:56 AM

    Hi what kind of rakeback deal do you have on Pacific Poker? Seems to me like they have som kind of loyality program....

  3. I have 40% "rakeback" dunno if that's considered good though..but standard is 27% I think? When you exchange your points for money ..

    Matt, I love the new software..but not sure about the games yet :) I heard that they've lost quite a few people now. And the rake is higher. But I hate all networks so :P haha..nothing left for me.
    Do you use pt3? Mine works there, just had to update it and make sure it saves hand history.. :)

  4. IS the 'rakeback' paid on a vip level basis like Stars do or do you just get extra and 27% is the standard rakeback deal? Only because i have no rakeback deal with them :( or any other istes i enjoy playing on! so im in the same boat as you :)

    Im running Holdem Manager. I've got it tracking the games but the hud doesnt seem to want to work. Ive installed the latest update etc. May hop in a couple sngs now and see if i can have a play with it again

  5. Do you play on Pacific or another skin? There are at least 2 other skins that has deals, 30-40% rb. Not sure what the deal looks like for other people but I change my pts to $ and then I get the rest sent manually by my affiliate.

    I'm sorry but I know NOTHING about HEM ...haha.

  6. I play Pacific but have an account with Luckyace too (although never play there). Ive looked into getting rakeback through some of the other clients and it appears to be quite difficult to get a fixed rakeback on the network.

    Perhaps you can advise me on something? - 888's vip rewards system - RaketheRakes 888 'rakeback'

    Is it me or is what RTR are selling as a 'rakeback' deal actually just the standard VIP reward program that i already get through 888.

    I presume you get an actual rakeback deal or are you just a VIP there so get decent rakeback as standard?

    Sorry for all the questions! You're like my personal 888 support manager :)