Aug 23, 2010

Oh baby it's raining!

Again! What a surprise. But I hear it's close to 33 degrees Celsius in Mallorca. Mwahaha..suckers.. :)
Ok fine, it'll probably be 17 and thunder. But that's ok. I just want to get away for a while and spend time with my two best friends. It's going to be l-e-g-e-n-d-a-r-y.. ;)

I miss breaking bad ..I hope it returns later this year (I'm afraid to find out)..

I also tried to record my cat acting like he was on drugs or something, chasing a stick (?!..yea..!?!!). but it's so lame that you can't take stills with ipods.
Does anyone know if you can get an app or something to do it? It's really retarded to have a video camera and not being able to take photos. At first I thought it was defect (hey, it came from the Pokerstars shop..) or something but it seems like they're supposed to be like that.  (?)

I have my "thing" tomorrow, keep your fingers crossed. After that I'll be back grinding as I should, I've kinda missed it a little..even though I played a short session recently. But I promise you. Alex will rise again. Stronger than ever blablabla.. ;)

I'm not quite sure why but I find them ADORABLE!! Please get me one!!! :D


  1. Hey Alex,

    I hope that you've succeeded with "your thing". :-)

  2. Ty ninja :)
    unfortunatly there was some disapointments today but it ain't over yet:)

  3. Sorry to hear that Alexandra. But I know that you'll don't give up! :-)

    Think like a ninja...We fight, get beat, rise, and fight again.