Aug 1, 2010

Norrköping day 2:)

We watched Dear John yesterday and that movie sucked so much we want our ~2 hrs back! Fu movie, you suck!!!! :P frustrating.

I played my freerolls yesterday and that didn't go as planned, AT vs A3 :( And AQ vs AQ (haha).

I'm alone with the dog now and it's pretty much retarded. So whiny, like OMG I miss my family. Yes bitch, they probably left you because you're a whiny bitch. :p
Yes, I am a cat person. Haha.

Hope they get back soon because I'm hungry. Annas food ftw! I blonde or brunette now? I have no idea.

My poor hand.. :( But I can lift stuff with my hand today, yay. And move my thumb. Win.

Oh, they have SO MANY FLIES here. I almost killed myself last night, I slept soooo bad because of all the flies landing on my face, legs, you name it. I asked Anna to buy some stuff to kill the little fuckers later. Am I sick for looking forward to murdering the little bastards?


  1. Next time watch Inception Amazing movie ;D About the flies dont worry and kill those bastards i hate them too :@ Btw flies best friend's *.* cute :P

  2. HAHAHAHA!!!!!! :D
    thank you :))