Jul 31, 2010

on my way to norrköping:)

I'm actually on the train now...first time I've tried to surf on a train. times like these I wish I had a cute little laptop instead of my fat 2,7 kg, 17" grind laptop...maybe I should try to get one. but I want an iphone too..and that's like a small laptop. hm. dilemma.

I think I "have" to play the vip freerolls on 888 tonight, they are great value..esp the one for VIP status...I think I'll be at Anna around 8 and the tournaments start at 9 I think. we'll see. :)

weather sucks in Sweden now..glad I booked that trip to Spain. will be fun. but I don't think I'll bring my laptop and then I'll have no readers left when I get back..boho :p


  1. Well...don't worry. We'll be here when you'll be back from Spain. :-D

    Have fun and GL at your tournament!


  2. Good Luck at your Tournament ;)