Jul 19, 2010

The Chinese sweatshop (colluders) at Stars

When I first read the OP 2 months ago on 2+2 I just thought "who the hell is this stupid?" ..uhhh, yea, seriously. Like walk in to the police station after you just robbed a bank and say "oh I saw there was a bank robbery...?" and the cops would be like "heey..wait a minute, you look familiar...."

Link to 2+2

Apparantly they (Stars) have refunded $587 000 to some (not all) affected players. However, they could only save $84k from the Chinese cheaters. Well done Stars but it's not like you can't afford it.. but kudos for taking actions, not like ipoker or microgaming who just ignores your e-mails (me and many others have sent soooo many e-mails regarding bots).

Here's a really long post about the retarded Chinese players Link.


  1. Nice job for PS. That's why I prefer them instead other sites.

    Damn...so many cheaters these days. It seems that financial crisis push people to make so many stupid things. :-)))

  2. Yeah..I know Ninja. I don't feel safe playing on any network these days, cheaters, bots, colluders ...everywhere. :(
    Makes me wanna move to 'somewhere' and grind live :P ..but I'd probably become an alcoholic so that's not too good either.