Jul 27, 2010

Bye bye Party Poker ! Where to?

Cashed out last night after clearing my bonus. Now I have no idea where to put my roll.
[ ] ipoker - NEVER
[ ] ongame - just cashed out after hearing about their new scam system (wtf!!!!)
[ ] microgaming ...uhm...we have a history. We do not like each other.
[ ] stars - no? No soft games.. (?). I'm a pro bum hunter. :D
[ ] cake - 99,9% nits - no
[ ] boss - might do if I can find another skin that'll match my current deal (65%) good enough...meaning: at least 60.
[x] b2b? yes? Have to look into this.
[x] FTP? I have a small roll there for rush poker donkaments only.
[ ] carbon..or whatever it's called  - no ?!
Betfair is becoming ongame in a few days so that's a no go either..even though I probably wouldn't play there since their client is pretty much a mess..and has been for as long as I can remember.
And oh, I have to do something with my project, going pro with my small rolls on various sites (888, ipoker, everlaf etc) .....I must get to it! I haven't tried 888s new client either, I hear it's much better..? :)

What about Everest ..? Think I have to at least download the client and have a look. Yes?

Now: coffee and this (pic) :)


  1. micke1:34 PM

    Ohoj där nu kommer jag in och kladdar igen i din blogg men har du testat dom här sidorna ?? :)

    Det är ett italienskt nätverk som tillåter europeér, verkar riktigt fiskigt. Har däremot inte hittat nån rb..jaja ha d gott

  2. Good luck! And Cool site!

    You should get it ranked at http://www.elitepokersites.com.

    Keep up the great work - After you read super system, highly recommend that you read Mathematics of Poker by Bill Chen.

    Good luck at the tables.


  3. Jo Micke, har testat den förut..när dom var stora och inte körde med sina hitlermetoder att bara italianos får köra på alla bord. Nu finns det knappt några kvar :/ Rakeback gick o få iaf, hade 33% typ, kan säkert fixa åt dig om du vill ha?

    Thanks :) I'll check that site out asap.
    I've read SS1/2 before, I'm only reading about 5 card draw this time. I'm gonna go pro! Haha! :D
    Never heard about that other book though (and I've read quite a few actually)..is it awesome?

  4. Kolla in Truepoker.com
    De satsar stort nu, främst i sydamerika, så det lär finnas gott om fisk. :)
    Säg till om du är intresserad, så kollar jag om jag kan hitta en juste deal. Har lite kontakter där.

  5. Hi Alexandra,
    I enjoy reading your blog, good work, go on!
    But would you mind telling me how you manage to get 65% rakeback at boss?

  6. Thank you :)
    I got it because I'm a girl.. No lies.
    But I think "everyone" can get 55-60% at most skins. I'll ask around if you'd like?:)