Jul 29, 2010

Swings? WHAT!!

Giving up now.
Played a few tournies, busted with the best hand in all (80-20 kthx) *whine*
biggest cash was like $30, yay..

Cg was disgusting, could never win as a huge fav when I was all in.......*cry*
Dunno if I'm up or down for tonight actually. Doesn't matter. I'm going to be happy now. :)

Almost read the whole chapter about 5cd now (I know, I'm slow..I should totally start smoking again -I read a lot when I was a smoker..anyway), it's sooo retarded and I MUST PLAY IT ! :D Maybe even some 7 card stud, I suck at that too. I must be the fish that everyone chases in those games. Loves it.

cg on boss, mtts on b2b, ipoker, ftp, stars.../kill


  1. Inte hänga läpp, då blir man knäpp. Hoppas det kan lätta upp lite grann.

  2. hahahaa jooo fett syr! :P *pms*

  3. Hopefully you quit playing Rush Poker soon. Playing every hand in a vacuum really sucks.

  4. I don't play a lot of rush..it's very swingy :p but fun! this is "normal" cash game.