Jul 20, 2010


..ok, I've gotten several "not so nice" comments about "X" in Vegas, I don't want this to be like kindergarten (we're all adults here?) and the post is in draft. No more mean comments about her, ok people? I don't want to moderate comments. I only delete spam comments with..questionable links :p

Think I'm going out this weekend..which probably is a shame since it's the best time evaaar to play on the Swedish site (svs) and I've actually never played on any yet! :( I'd love to try rush poker during peak hour too, gah..damn you jetlag.
But friends before work so. We'll see how tired I am after that.
Been reading some in the goals&challenges forum on 2+2 and it's really inspiring and motivating.
I should probably continue reading my PLO book but eh..its'..boring.. but I'm sure it won't be long before the bots crush (full stack) nlhe cg..

1 comment:

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