Jul 26, 2010

It's unlucky to be superstitious?

Down 200 bb atm but up 250 on party (where I'm playing PLO atm).
I've started doing this thing where I quit my tables and log out and back in again if it's "rigged" (you know what I mean)..

I did this after ~1000 hands yesterday and won 12 bi. Hope I can pull this off today too, that would be awesome:)

...first hand KK... ;)

..but no action. Boo. But I seem to have a retard who open raises 10 bb when he raises. Might be fun.. :)
Report in a few hours, I'm gonna clear my party poker bonus today.


  1. Hey Alex,

    What's up? :-)
    I hope your life is easier than mine. I've lost a lot of money lately.

    I remember trying this method of yours (logout-login) after I had a winning session in my poker beginning career, believing that in this way the poker site will forget that I won a lot of money and will not become rigged with me. :-))))

    I know...it was so retarded from my side. :-)))

    Keep it fun and whack'em!!!

  2. Sorry to hear that Ninja.. :(

    And HAHAHA at that!!! :D I was like that too only I wouldn't log out if I was winning. Like I didn't want a "bad connection" .. aah yes, I remember the fish days. Those were so much fun... ;)