Jul 10, 2010

2 days left =)

Malin and I drank beer and played chatroulette yesterday and that was pretty creepy :P
We went to Vanity after that and it was pretty bad... got invited to an after party in the taxi line by a boy and girl who should've been on Jersey Shore..haha. We accepted the invitation since they had a suite at tower 2 in mgm signature. Like 15 people right from Jersey Shore (pumped, spikey black hair, tattoos and all girls looked like Sami) and there was a big one who we called "the situation" ..haha! His "thing" was something with nipples. Lots of nipples. "Combine the nipples" ....weird stuff.
We left when they started doing coke. Ish..I don't approve of that. Must've been poor since they used 1 dollar bills ..... ;)

Gonna go see the O show tonight, I wonder how weird that'll be :)

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