Jul 6, 2010

Vegas day 8

Checked in at MGM signature today and this hotel is so friggin' awesome. :) We tried MGM grands pool and it was soooo shitty.. thank god we have our own pools in the towers.

Went to Walmart today :D ..haha. Bought beer, alcohol, food.
It's Ericas birthday today! 
She started drinking at the pool haha. Gonna make daquris and do some shots before we head out, we might go to Rio or Palms. Or even Hard Rock. Don't think we wanna go to the "famous" places like Pure, Tao etc.

Not sure if we'll play any more poker. Sam played a $340 tournament at Venetian and busted before the dinner break :P Rille is playing more though but hasn't made any itm.


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