Jul 18, 2010

Yay, I won a dollar

In some weird card lottery at PP. It kinda makes me wanna play more. Ohh free cards. Ohh points..ohhhh !! :P I get obsessed with things. I actually played a lot on cake when they had some "5x more gold cards -something-promo" ..just to get the stupid cards. And what did I do with the cards? Oh, nothing..they're just sitting there, waiting.
Also noticed that I had put myself on the waitinglist for 20bb max tables (on party), wtf is this and who the hell wants this?
Almost no tables running this early either so I dunno what to do today, it's 8.50 am and I woke up at 6..went to bed at midnight. As usual, I can only sleep for 6 straight............buhuhuhu.

Tried some pilates again, must've been like 2 months since I last did it. I suck.

I have $40 on pacific poker..wondering if I should play slots or short stack..my account is so rigged though so I'm not sure wether it's +ev or -ev to play poker... :D

now: coffee and frontierville (as I said, I get obsessed with things..).

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