Jul 5, 2010

Vegas day 7

Got pretty late last night :P drink service sucks at Palazzo, didn't even see a drink bitch. The dealers didn't know the rules on 3 card poker and tried to steal $50 and we were like woo wo wo, that's not right. And the manager said "I think it's right now" ..like wtf, how can you not know the rules?

Eating room service now, gonna go down to the pool after that. Not sure what we're doing tonight but it's Erica's birthday tomorrow, wee! And we're moving to MGM tomorrow too. Will be fun, I don't like Palazzo. Bad drink bitches, bad dealers, bad employees, bad waitors, bad housekeeping, bad everything.

Not ordering this again :P enchiladas with 2 sauces, one is chocolate/nuts/chili. That was not guuud.

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