Jul 3, 2010

Vegas day 5 - bust!

Shared a cab to Rio with a nice asian dude named Kenny :) ..hi Kenny!

Unfortunatley (?) I busted the first hand ,haha..I was the bb, I thought I was in seat 4 but I wasn't :( ..owell. Fu poker.
Went to New York New York after that and went on the roller coaster which was creepy as hell. Never again. :P
Drank some beer and had dinner at Outback ...now we're at the room just chilling. Think we're going to drink some beer at Gilleys (?) later..tired as hell though. Must take more pictures. :) Lots of opportunities tonight prolly, I'm already drunk..mwahaha.. and I have to listen to the most retarded song ever too! "I'm in Miami bitch" ..srsly,wtf!

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