Jul 21, 2010

Session cliffs

I'm seriously considering cashing out from party poker already, havn't won a single 80-20 aip, fu fu fuuuuu!!  I got one split with AA vs AA even though he flopped a flushdraw, prolly would've cashed out right then and there if he'd hit ...hahaha...:D
Gonna clear my bonus and if it's still retarded after that it's bye bye pp! Dunno where do put my $ after that though. B2b? Try to go pro on rush?

Played 2 sessions and I'm -40 bb on pp and +78bb on svs.

PP hand history is on another computer so fuck that, no fun anyway : P like - a million buy ins below expected in all ins. Think I'll clear the bonus in 3-4 days.

The project, yea, took like an hour to get into tables at ipoker (wtf) and I remembered why I hate 888 so much (crappy client, retarded 'random generator' etc), I'm up like a dollar on that :P wee. Maybe another time.
And it's so friggin' hot inside, it's like 29 degrees Celsius (84F). And the humidity ...ahhhh........./kill


  1. Interesting blog. Need to visit Sweden someday. I live in Germany but only have been as far north as Denmark. You were in Vegas around the same time as me. Funny your friend and I played a similar Venetian Deep Stack event. I remember the fun days with Party Poker before they banned US players. It is in the 90's and humid as hell here. Good luck with your games. Seems like we have some of the same type of bad beats. Ha ha.

  2. Hey :)
    Thanks and yes, I remember too..when it was so easy to make money, haha. I miss those days.. :( It's really hard to make loads of money now.
    Maybe I should go pro live?

  3. Ouch i remember that scenario, before was more easy to win money on poker. Nowadays its hard to find poker fishes out there :)