Jul 2, 2010

Vegas day 3, WSOP event #54 etc

Ummm yea..tried to find the 888 suite at Palazzo but no luck, no one even knew where the hell to look. :P
Arrived at Rio 20 min late or so, there had been an accident so there was lots of traffic. I had several beers.
My table sucked so much and I wasn't too happy about it. I was pretty card dead but I
made it to day 2 :P
but I lost a pot at the end so I only have 2 bb, hahaha..so I¨'m wondering if it's even worth going back there on Saturday. 
Hands and stuff tomorrow, now sleep: SO FUCKING TIRED !!!! It's 9.35 am in Sweden. I should be sleeping.

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  1. chip and a chair Alex, take it down! :)