Jul 20, 2010

Ongames new scam?

Cashed out quickly when I heard about their new "system"..
Basically it's like ipokers, if you're "good" (no idea how they'll calculate this) you'll receive less rake from the pot (less rakeback). There is no way to track your rake. If you play what they consider to be a "whale" (no idea wtf this is), mr whale will receive 100% of the rake. Who knows how many "real" whales you'll actually play vs? That's right, only ongame!
Fu ongame, never coming back now!

Havn't played much lately, mostly because of me waking up at 4-5-6 am everyday and I'm almost dead when the tables start popping up. Oh well. A bit longer vacation never hurt anyone (only my bank# booho).

hi there ladies!