Jun 30, 2010

Vegas - day 2 :)

Woke up at 8 and it felt guuuud. Had breakfast at Subway and then we went to the pool which was pretty awesome (not freezing cold water like Mirages).
Went to Rio after that and got our seat cards etc. Hope it won't be too ghey to play tomorrow. Rio kinda freaked me out a little, too many poker bums at one place. :P

                                                           HEY MAMA. NICE ASS YO!

Le pool..weeh.

And this is what I found when I got back from the pool (Erica left early). She has no idea where all my Twizzlers went. :P

And this is now, I may be a little bored.. ;)
So..we're going to investigate Victorias Secret now. Think we'll eat dinner at Outback Steakhouse tonight, it was pretty awesome the last time. Minus the part that I don't eat stakes anymore. I want to but I won't.

Almost forgot, I think I found a real diamond in our safe box. Or it may be just glass but whatever. But wtf should I do with it? Can I get money for it? It's pretty small. 


  1. Hey just wanted to say have an awesome time. I'd recommend checking out the Palms nightlife at least once if you get a chance.

    As for the diamond just take it to any non-sketchy place that sells jewelry in Vegas and they can quickly tell you if it's worth anything. It could be worth something if it's quality is very high. Or you can go ghetto and instantly pawn it lol. PAWNSTARS!

  2. You can turn it in to the front desk and hope for some rungood karma or you can take it home with you and get it appraised. LV has too many seedy operations.