May 18, 2010

Session cliff notes.. :p

I'm usually NEVER ahead of the yellow line (expected win in all in situations...always get it in with the best hand and...lose. :P)
Here's the hand

UTG raises, call, call, I call with JTs00ted and bb calls as well..flop is 9s8x4x and bb bets out, all but one calls. I call as well. Turn is 6s so I have an open ender and a flush draw to go with goes all in for pot, all folds but another player who also has a pot bet left and calls himself all in. I do call as well and win with a random card in my suit.
their hands: 68 and 69
I'm only like 31% on the turn so meh..dunno. Was quite tilted by pokertracker but they were def the table fishies. ..30 bb donks or w/e they had. Oh well, it's mine now. Ha. 69 guy was a little pissed off though. I don't blame him, I suck at poker. But 68 guy sucks more..was he bluff calling all in? :P


  1. As near as I can tell you are 33% on the turn and calling two allins you gotta be getting more than 2-1 on your money? Unless the 2nd allin was very small this looks like a +EV call to me. All you really need to worry about is that one of these guys has a bigger flush draw than you. Also, I don't have all the details but calling with 86 doesn't seem so terrible to me, but I don't know how much $ we are talking about.

    Couple more thoughts (I'm too lazy to comment in each post). Whats wrong with Pacific/888? I have a good friend who KILLS the 1-2 there (he actually came 1st for 15k in the same rake race you got your package in); he says they have the biggest fish online. Also Breaking Bad is awesome. ;)

    Good luck today!

  2. Thanks Peter :) ur comments are always thoughtful and appreciated. I agree, that's why I called. But it still bothered me for a while..and because I couldn't get pt3 to work (hate u pt3).

    Oh, I just hate 888..I ran so so so bad there, 90 buy ins below expected....but I did play micro stakes so it didn't really hurt me bankroll wise but I mean, come on..90 ? :( *tear eye* And the client is sooo buggy, esp hate that the waitinglist only works sometimes.

    Which one's ur friend? Me99so-something? He looks adorable! Will keep an eye on him in Vegas for you.. ;)

  3. yayfor16.. he has a silly picture, but it is hilarious. Thanks for the offer but I will be there to keep an eye on him myself, so just keep your eye out for me ;)

  4. haha me a picture of you then:))