May 11, 2010

Vegas 2007 :)

  • Crazy lady thinking about attacking us at the street. Halp!! "WAT DA FAK AR YA LOKIN AT HA?" oh, not looking at you lady! just minding my own business...haaaaalp!!!
  • 10 SWAT cars showing up from nowhere. 3 helicopters. HALP!!!!!!!!!! they were not looking for the crazy lady. Still no clue of what or who they were looking for. Still weird though. :)
  • Fire at Wynn
  • Gun shooting at New York-New York link :(
  • One of the girls flooded our suite so we got a new one (yay) =)
  • One of the guys brought a hooker and her pimp to our suite. She took $1,1k from us. Retard guy had to refund us. Most expensive BJ ever?
  • I won $24 of off slot machines.Thank you sheep machine (storm of cash or something like that - most awesome slot ever).


  1. 3 girls and 3 guys in the suite and he needed a hooker? What up with that?

    Next time get a box at the Rio or leave your cash on deposit in the cage where you are staying. Great pics but I still say you guys look wasted ;)

  2. It was 2 guys and 3 girls in 2 bedroom suite but I guess he still wanted a hooker :)