May 17, 2010

Almost made up my mind

So......I'm pretty sure I'm going to play on another site/network next month..or in August. After Vegas and stuff.. :)
I don't really trust my site anymore. They've changed some shiz about the rb which I DO NOT approve of. Can't track it, no idea if ur getting pwned or not so..bye bye 3rd love of my life :P First it was ongame. Then it was ipoker (3 years ago, then it started to suck with all the grinders and bots and stuff) and after that it was boss. First 30k or so hands I was up a good 17bb/100 so it really was love at first sight :P But I guess it's over now. Not a lot of boss sites offer the amount of rb I require (learned my lesson now, NEVER play at less well known sites because you WILL get fukked. Only a matter of time, happened to me 3 times, ya I know, I'm a slow learner). But it's really annoying to move your roll. Esp when you have to convert it to dollars and then back again. You lose money.

The action hasn't been all that great lately either, no idea wtf this is. If it's more grinders or the fish is dead or something...? Just had a look at the tables right now and it was..oh..40-45 vpip/table (do know that this is 5-max so a good vpip is over 60) on almost all tables. Does not make me want to play. Will see how it feels around 8 pm -ish when it's supposed to be packed with fish. Hm.

Thinking about PKR again. And Partypoker. And maybe Svenska spel too but I eh locked my account. :)

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