May 18, 2010


So..I'm pretty much done with the site I'm currently playing at, not playing another hand there. Don't trust them one bit anymore. Sucks..gonna wait for my rakeback and gtfo. Will most likely have my svs account set up sometime next week and it'll be ....interesting. Maybe I'll try PKR again but not sure if there are a lot of nits there now since hem (I think?) works there now.  Uhh just give me a sign of what I should do:) Scared that I'll run bad at a new site and then I'll be all like "of fu new site I hate you". Not sure what I'd do then.. poker is kind of....meh these days.

Sites/networks that I DO NOT WANT (see pic ;) ) are ipoker (bots, weird rules, bans winners etc), 888 (don't even get me started), ongame (thiefs!), b2b (no ty), stars (no rb), ftp (no rb/too little), prima (my blood sworn enemy:D)


  1. Ever considered playing on Betfair? Nice blog by the way ;)

  2. nothing I lay awake at night thinking about:)
    the client is pretty much retarded imo but if there are fish there I might consider it.. :)
    why, what have you heard? :P
    and thank you!