May 3, 2010

Vegas 2010

So we are staying at Palazzo til the 6th..not sure where we are going after that but I'm sure it'll be somewhere nice. Last time we stayed at Mirage but we didn't love it..ah, well, the room (suite) was very nice but the casino was really dark and depressing. I'd love to stay at Wynn or Encore, heard great things ... :)

If anyone has any recommendations, feel free to tell me now :P but we're probably not going to make any reservations until we get there on the 29th. Not looking forward to the 9+5 hr flights (oh my God) though. Thinking about buying a pair of noise cancelling headphones. Hmm.

Pic from Vegas 2007 @ Jet


  1. Palazzo is awesome, don't know why you would need to stay anywhere else (though personally I prefer the Wynn...)

    Instead of noise canceling headphones I recommend the Shure Earphones
    Way better sound then noise canceling and actually blocks out more ambient noise.

    Also I have to laugh at your photo; you guys look so drunk. Good times ;)

  2. hahaha...noooo we are totally sober :P
    thanks a lot for the tip! I'll check them out even if they look totally I don't really wanna put them in my ears;)