May 13, 2010

Fu mtts

Didn't quite go as planned..and now I give up.. ;)

Cash game went alright but there were no interesting wrist is acting up again so I won't play any more tonight. Dunno how (and if it's even possible) to filtrate ur pt3 after time not dates....but here's the graph:
I think I started at 4000-something.
Just sent the last info to 888 so I guess there's no turning back now. :)

Also I just heard that ipoker is launching a "fish-to-shark algorithm",wtf? Which basically means that if you're any good you'll receive less rakeback. If you're very good they'll just ban you and say thank you, don't come again. Such a nice network.
Needs moooarrrrr love I'd say.. :)

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