May 7, 2010

Where I play and why..

I have tried almost every network there is..but more on that later:)

Currently my "main" site is at boss media network. It's a medium size network with ~10k players during peak hours. Americans are not allowed there..which of course sucks. We need the Americans!!! Stupid legislation..:(

  • The games are usually incredibly soft
  • 5max tables (yay)
  • fast turbo tables (some sites shouldn't be allowed to use "turbo" to name tables!!)
  • Stabile and clean client (ongame should REALLY learn from them!)
  • Resizeable tables (must have for me - I play 12-16 tables on my 17" laptop)
  • Extremely fast bank wires! Longest I've had to wait is 30 hours or so (excl. weekends)
  • Awesome rb deals..'under the table'..what ever, all sites offer higher rb than 'allowed'! Hypocrits!!
  • You can choose what currency to play with: USD, GBP, EUR.
  • No Americans:(
  • Cashier is in Euro, I actually don't like this. Most European players probably prefer this though..
  • Lots of regs..but they're bad. But I'm quite the bumhunter. Yes, I admitted it :P I suck..
  • I don't like how you note players. Hm.
  • It's kind of annoying to set up your bank wire withdrawal info but it's worth it since it'll be auto and super fast after you've done it.
  • no hotkeys ! would appreciate this. a lot.

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