May 10, 2010

Where da fish at ?!

It's starting to freak me out. Seriously, 1 "fish" (like 35/10/3) / 4 tables retardnits..I just played 370 hands or so and quit after I busted some 27 bb fishtards. Gahhh!! I need monies too you know! ;) And I suck too much to just play nits (and it's crazy boring as well). Maybe I should become a tournament donk? Or PLO fish? Maybe I'm too bad for PLO because when I've tried I have no clue ...totally clueless. Watched some vids on deuces and bluefire but I'm still confused. Like, where the f do I push? And why? I'm weak passive.....I'll have a look at some Galfondvids now. Maybe it'll clear SOMETHING up.. hopefully. I have to find a new network to play at. God I hate that.

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