May 15, 2010

First session. Lame.

I've played like 5k hands or so, down 2 buyins...80/10 fish who 3 outed me FOUR times aip. Not very happy about that...and pt isn't really working either, dunno what's wrong with it. It never displays the right amount of hands / won /lost if I've played after midnight...must have something do to with the time? Recently got summer time here, maybe it's that? Ah well. Gotta get back in there, action is quite good. :)

Played one tournament on stars, got it in with KK vs KdTd on Ts9d5s, of course he won with a rr flush..just didn't feel like continuing my mtt mission after that :P you kinda lose your hard on..hehe.... :)

Me stuck, other cow = retard fish. Grr.

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