May 15, 2010

Session 2..seriously, wtf?

Um..yea. Can't win vs fish..won some off a pretty bad reg but shouldn't it be the other way around? :P retard fish had 8 buyins...but no no ..not for sale.

no idea where I started, 1500-2000 probably.. So this means I'm breaking even at 20k hands. Sick. Thank God for rakeback....

Also some idiot in the chat who said (in Swedish) said: "Alex just bluffs all the time". Person was not sitting at the table. I wonder if it's someone I location is not displayed so hm..oh well. :) If not: MAYBE YOU SHOULD CALL AND FIND OUT!?!?  ..because i think he? was talking to his friend (sucky wannabe lag player). Meh. Better luck tomorrow. Now: pancakes!

I think she's really pretty. :D

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