May 3, 2010

Dec 19 2005

Yesterday I played a satellite to the Aussie Millions main took me about 5½ hrs and I aimed at the 3rd place because that'd get you $1500. 1-2 would get the ME package, worth $12k.

And I did get the 3rd place. I was the chipleader through out the whole ft but I really didn't want to win?! What the hell is wrong with me? The thought of going to Australia scared the shit out of me..(sooo afraid of flying)
Meh..well...I DO like kangaroos and poker..but..I registered for the wrong tournament acually, haha.

Maybe I should get me a new pair of tits instead. least i didn't finish last :P :D

Almost embarrassing to read.. :) but I was veeeery afraid of flying. took me almost a year and 10+ trips all over the world to get over it..I still hate turbulence and I sometimes think I'm going to die because the stewardess looked a bit weird when she rushed through the aisle :P

On my first flight that was over 3 hours I fainted because I was so scared..hahaha. Go me!!
Took the picture with my webcam for the occasion, how lame is that...had to make it black/white because of my dangerously dark under eye circles :P I was VERY tired after that tournament:)

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